How to get more loan approved by Zype

If you’ve an active Zype credit line but are not satisfied with your current credit limit, follow these steps to apply for a higher limit –

    • Open the Zype app and tap on “increase limit” at the top-right corner of the screen
    • Tap on ‘Continue’ to upload your last four months’ salary bank account statement.
    • Select the bank where your salary is credited
    • Choose your preferred method between netbanking or PDF upload to share your bank statement
    • If you choose netbanking, enter your Login ID and password and tap on “Log in”
    • If you want to upload the PDF, keep it ready by downloading it from your bank’s website or app. Then, tap on “Choose PDF File” and upload the document
    • Once your bank statement upload is successful, you will be evaluated for a higher credit limit.

Zype also does timely credit assessments and if we see that you’re making regular EMI payments and showing good credit behaviour, we offer an increased credit limit.