Why do I see “N2C” displayed under “Credit Unused”? N2C stands for “New to credit”. It indicates that you are yet to take any loan or credit card.

What is Experian? Experian is an American–Irish multinational consumer credit reporting company. You can learn more about it here.

Would personal loans taken from providers other than Zype be reflected in Zype Insights? Yes, absolutely. Zype aims to give a comprehensive picture of all your spending in one place.

Which factors affect my credit score? Your credit score primarily depends on your repayment history, overall outstanding loan amount and the length of your credit history. Read more here.

Does Zype insights get information about all my bank accounts and loans? Zype Insights gets information about bank transactions from SMS data on the registered phone. Zype also reads data that is uploaded manually or through Account Aggregator.