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Frequently asked questions

Once you have downloaded the Zype app from Playstore/App Store,
· Register with your Email ID to login to Zype·
· Enter your basic details to check your Credit Line eligibility.
· Complete the KYC process to accept the offer.
· Now, you can instantly transfer money from Zype Credit Line to your Bank account.

The approval of your Zype Credit Line application will take less than a few minutes once you have provided all the required information.

We don't ask for any physical documents. We only require your Aadhaar and
PAN details.

Absolutely! You can avail multiple loans simultaneously from your approved Zype Credit Line. The minimum loan/withdrawal amount
is ₹ 500.

When you provide an Aadhaar number, OTP is sent to the linked mobile number only, not the one with which you are applying. We recommend using your Aadhaar-linked mobile number for the application as it improves your chances of approval.

Rejection of an application happens when it does not meet our eligibility criteria.  For further information, please check out our loan eligibility criteria.

You can close your Zype credit line by reaching out to our support team at ___________ or by sending an email to ___________We recommend that you keep the line active as there are no charges associated with an unused redit line.

Yes, of course! We don't ask for any social media credentials.
You have two ways to log in:
1) Login through a Google account - This is the most preferred way to log in. Please note that Zype does not store your account passwords.

2) Login through any other email. Here you would need to do an OTP verification of your email and hence less preferred.

To delete your account, reach out to our support team at ___________ or send an email to ___________.

The Zype Credit Line is valid without any expiration date as long as you maintain a healthy credit history with us.  Please note that you will have the option to convert every withdrawal into EMI for up to 12 months based on eligibility.

Zype’s Credit line approval is absolutely free. You will be charged only when you avail loan(s) from the Credit Line.

Your credit limit is decided primarily on the basis of your profile, income and credit history..

You can check your eligibility to increase your credit limit by providing us with your last three months' bank statement of your primary bank account. For a better chance to get a higher limit, you may choose to give access to statements from multiple bank accounts using Account Aggregator.

The approval of the Zype credit line is instant. We recommend keeping the app open for a few minutes after submitting your application so that Zype can notify you about the approval status.

Yes, your credit limit can increase/decrease in future depending on your credit behaviour with Zype. 

 It takes only a few minutes to complete your application. For the best experience, we recommend keeping your Aadhaar and PAN numbers handy along with your Aadhaar-linked mobile.

The processing fee is determined based on your credit risk profile.

Having an official Email ID is not mandatory to get a credit line approved from Zype. You can continue using a personal email itself. However, using an official ID does increase the hances of approval. 

Currently, the only way to apply for a credit line from Zype is to download the app from Play Store/App Store.

No problem! You can easily create your Digi Locker instantly during your credit line application on Zype. We recommend keeping your Aadhaar number handy along with your Aadhaar-linked mobile.

Yes. you can upload documents manually in the registered PDF format of your respective bank, or use either of Account Aggregator and Netbanking options.

We suggest checking if you have logged in using your active mobile number. However, if you continue facing the issue, kindly call or write to our Support help desk.