Delete your Zype Account

By requesting for deletion, you will permanently lose access to your Zype account and any associated data

What it means

    • All the data will be deleted or rendered into anonymised data in compliance with legal obligations, or in accordance with applicable laws, which may require us to store data for longer periods of time.
    • In certain circumstances, such as but not limited to, any outstanding amount(s) due & payable to the lenders, account deletion would not be processed
    • We may also retain and use your personal information for such periods as is necessary to comply with applicable laws, legal obligations, dispute resolution or for legitimate business requirements such as fraud prevention and enhancing users’ safety as detailed  in our privacy policy
    • There might be latency in deleting personal information from our servers and backed-up versions might exist even after deletion
    • Post permanent account deletion, you will need to create a new account if you want to use Zype again