Make the Most Out
of Your Money

Managing your personal finance has never been easier!
Effortlessly track budget goals on Zype app.

Managing your personal finance has never been easier!
Effortlessly track budget goals & get alerts for upcoming payments on Zype app.


Credit Just Got Transparent

Get a free detailed credit report, effortlessly view your credit profile and stay in sync with all your credit accounts.

credit score history
payment history

Always pay on time, everytime!

Track your bills, payments & subscriptions on Zype. Get notified before every due date & never pay a late fee again.

payment reminders
bill payments
bank balance
Spend Insights Screen
spend list

Your Money at a Glance

View all your spends in one place.
Get a clearer view of your finances, set a monthly budget and always stay on top of it.


Get unlimited rewards

Every time you update your uncategorized spends on the Zype app, you get exciting rewards.

Frequently asked questions

What are Zype Insights?

Zype Insights helps you to effortlessly understand and track all of your expenses, loan details, account balance, credit history and repayments. Set monthly budgets and track your expenses for improved spending habits. 

What information can I get through Zype’s Insights?

With Zype Insights, you can get money-related information such as your account balance, monthly income, notification of upcoming payments, monthly expenses, budget goals

How to set a monthly budget on Zype?

Once you have finished your onboarding process with Zype, go to the “Zype Insights” section and tap on “Total Budget.” From there, you will get the option to add your monthly budget.

What are the benefits of using Zype’s Insights?

Zype simplifies all your money-related information and presents it to you.
You can take complete control of your money by setting monthly budget goals and learning exactly where you spend.

Will Zype Insights affect my credit score?

No, Zype Insights will not affect your credit score in any way.

Is my data secure when using Zype Insights?

Absolutely! With modern encryption standards, all your banking-related information will remain safe.

What is Experian?

Experian is a Credit Information Company which is licensed by the Reserve Bank of India.
It collects credit-related data of individuals and businesses from financial institutions in India and provides credit reports and credit scores based on it.

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