9 Home renovation ideas on a budget

9 ideas to renovate your home on a budget

Home Renovation Ideas

Renovating your home is so much more than just aesthetic improvements.  It allows you to create a comfortable space that is functional, safe, and most importantly one that reflects your preference and style.   

Whether you’re looking into renovating your kitchen appliances or giving your bedroom a complete makeover, here are 9 ways in which you can renovate your home on a budget:

1. Repaint your walls  

When it comes to renovating on a budget, there is nothing like a fresh coat of paint. It will take care of the chipped walls, improve the aesthetics, and transform how your home looks.

Based on your budget and preferences, you can use these simple hacks to save money on repainting your walls: 

Check the condition of your wall before painting it to make sure you aren’t spending extra money on putty and primer unless really needed. 

If you’re happy with the present colour of your walls, a new layer of paint will cost you less than a fresh coat of paint. 

Use a single colour of paint for all your walls instead of different colour for different walls.  

You can use patterns to your advantage by painting only half the wall. This will require less paint, helping you save more money. 

2. Changing your lighting  

Choosing better lighting and bulbs for your home is a budget-friendly improvement that can dramatically improve the ambiance of your home. 

Do your research before you change the lighting and focus on making the most efficient choices. For example, you can save energy and money on electricity bills by replacing regular bulbs with LED lights which have a longer lifespan and emit less heat.  

3. Upgrade your furniture  

You don’t need to throw away all your old furniture to give your house a makeover. If you have functional furniture, small changes like repainting, changing the doorknobs, adding new cushions, or refinishing your furniture can change the look of your interiors without a lot of expenses. 

4. Take up some DIY projects  

DIY projects are a fun and pocket-friendly way of upgrading your home on a budget. Creating a wall of photos or artwork that matches your personality, installing shelves to add more storage, adding new display space, or painting your wall are some DIY projects you can pick up. 

5. Add decorative accessories 

Decorative accessories such as throw pillows, indoor plants, rugs, or curtains are a great addition to your home that won’t cost you a lot of money. Choose pieces that complement your existing color scheme and style. For more affordable options, watch out for sales and consider thrift stores or online marketplaces. 

6. Rearrange your furniture 

You can change the look and feel of your home simply by rearranging your furniture. By strategically using your furniture, you can optimize space, conceal any broken or less appealing items, and improve the visual impact of your home. This simple step can transform your house without you having to spend a penny.  

7. Sell your old furniture & use that money to buy new things 

Instead of simply throwing away your old furniture, you can sell it online. This is a cost-effective strategy that allows you to let go of the things you don’t want in your home and bring in better things that better align with your personality and style.  

The best practice here is to prioritize your renovation needs and then purchase new items for your home.  

8. Declutter & organize your space  

A well-organized home always looks more visually appealing and creates a clutter-free atmosphere. Simply organizing your home can make your home functional, efficient, and more spacious. You can identify the areas that you want to reorganize & start decluttering your home one room at a time.  

9. Take a personal loan for home renovation 

If you feel you need some extra money for renovating your home or don’t want to compromise on any purchases, then a home renovation loan is the perfect choice for you. 

This comes with many advantages, like you wouldn’t have to dip into your savings, you can use the loan wherever you like, and you wouldn’t need to delay your home improvement plans any longer.  

Zype offers personal loans for home renovations up to Rs 5 lakhs starting at a monthly interest rate of 1.5%. 

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