10 Things to Buy This Diwali 2023 with a Personal Loan

10 Things to Buy This Diwali 2023 with a Personal Loan

Diwali is celebrated with a lot of joy and enthusiasm all over India. This festival signifies the victory of light over darkness and is considered as a celebration of new beginnings. Friends and families exchange gifts, decorate their homes and worship goddess Lakshmi for wealth.

But the preparation for this festival starts much in advance. People clean their homes, start shopping for new things, and plan gifts for their friends and family. Celebrating this festival can come with an increase in expenses, a personal loan can help you make sure you don’t compromise on the celebration.

With Zype, you can get a festive loan of up to ₹5 lakhs and start your Diwali 2023 preparation today.

Significance of Diwali Shopping

Diwali is one of the most vibrant times of the year that is celebrated in a different way all across India. But in these countless traditions, the one thing that remains common for everyone is the excitement of Diwali shopping.

In many regions of India, Diwali marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year. People consider this as a fresh start and celebrate by making their most significant purchases. Many consider it the day of arrival of Goddess Lakshmi and prepare for it by redecorating their home. The significance of the Diwali shopping and gifting differs based on culture, region, and personal preferences of people.

With the festival getting closer, it’s time you get ready with your 2023 Diwali shopping list! Whether you’re simply planning to buy new clothes for the festival or want to give your home a makeover with new furniture, an instant personal loan from Zype can make your celebrations even brighter.

But before taking a personal loan for Diwali, here’s everything you need to know about the significance of Diwali shopping.

1. Tradition of Buying New Items for Diwali

Most people can link their Diwali preparations to buying new clothes, phones, laptops, appliances etc. Many also prepare for Diwali pooja by buying new diyas, incense and idols for prayers. This tradition of buying new items for Diwali symbolises a fresh start and celebration of new beginnings.

2. Importance of Shopping for Gifts and Essentials

Diwali is not only the festival of lights but also an opportunity for friends and families to get closer. Buying gift items for Diwali is a way of expressing affection, appreciation, and gratitude for your loved ones.

3. The Festive Spirit and Enthusiasm of Diwali Shoppers

The festive season comes with the best deals on all your favourite products. This heightens the festive spirit among the shoppers and is considered the best time to buy new products. Most brands and e-commerce websites offer attractive prices from Navratri till Diwali (September to November).

Benefits of taking a Diwali Personal Loan for Shopping

With a personal loan, you can put a check against your Diwali shopping list without any compromises. But that’s not all, here’s why you should take a Diwali personal loan:

1. Instant Approval & Quick Disbursal

Most lenders offer personal loans with instant approval and quick disbursal. All you have to do is complete an easy application process and get instant access to the money you need.

With Zype, you can get approved for a personal loan of up to ₹5 lakhs in less than 60 seconds.

2. Collateral Free Loans

Most personal loans are unsecured loans. This means that you don’t have to provide any asset against the loan to get access to money.

3. Affordable Interest Rate

While the interest rate you’re offered depends on many factors like your credit score and repayment history, you can get a personal loan at low interest rates. Zype offers personal loans starting at just 1.5% interest.

4. Flexible Repayment Options

You can choose a repayment plan that fits your budget. While different lenders have different repayment plans, it is very easy to repay the loan. With Zype, you can get instant access to the money you need and pay later in 3, 6, 9 or 12 EMIs.

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10 Things to Buy This Diwali with a Personal Loan

Don’t know where to start your Diwali shopping? Here’s a list of 10 things you can buy this Diwali 2023 with a personal loan.

1. Gold

Dhanteras is celebrated right before Diwali and is considered as the most auspicious day to purchase gold. You can either purchase gold jewelry and watches or invest in gold coins and bars.

2. Silverware

This is the perfect thing to add to your Diwali shopping list. It’s believed buying silverware during Diwali can bring a lot of good luck and prosperity to your family.

3. New Vehicle

If you have been dreaming of buying a new vehicle for your family and yourself, there is no better time to buy it than Diwali. Most vehicle companies offer their best deals during the festive season, which can save you a lot of money.

Planning to buy your dream bike this Diwali? Zype offers personal loans for two-wheelers up to ₹5 lakhs starting at just 1.5% interest. Complete an easy application and get approved in 60 seconds!

4. New Electronic Items

Diwali is the time to repair and revamp your house. So, if you see any broken lights or TVs, now is the time to upgrade. Most brands and e-commerce websites offer the best deals during this time.

5. Home Appliances

Make the most of the Diwali sales across various e-commerce platforms and buy new refrigerator, television, air conditioner, etc. to transform your home!

6. Home Decorations

Diwali is the best time to upgrade your home to your favourite aesthetic. Buy all your favourite curtains, house plants and decorations that match your personality and let your home make a statement for you.

Feel like your house deserves a makeover? Get a home-renovation loan of fup to ₹5 lakhs from Zype and bring your dream home to life.

7. Clothes and Attires

Whether you want to buy a designer traditional attire for Diwali or want to give your wardrobe a complete makeover, no Diwali is complete without buying new clothes.

Shop your favourite products during the festive season with the Diwali 2023 sale across all major e-commerce platforms!

8. Jewellery

Jewellery makes the perfect addition to your Diwali shopping list. It’s because the tradition of buying jewellery during Diwali is considered a sign of prosperity and beauty.

9. Pooja Items

In most regions, people pray to Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali for prosperity and wealth. Diyas, idols, incense sticks, pooja thali, aarti books, etc. are some of the pooja items which are a very important part of the Diwali preparation.

10. Gifts for Friends and Family

This Diwali, you can express your appreciation and gratitude towards your friends and family by buying them something they would love. With the festive sales live, you can buy gifts from your favourite brands or even shop for Diwali gifts online across all major e-commerce platforms!

Things to Keep in Mind Before Taking a Personal Loan for Diwali

Before you take a personal loan to buy Diwali gifts or start your preparations, there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. Check your credit score before applying for a loan. Your credit score is the first thing that your lender will check before offering you a personal loan. A high credit score can help you get the loan you need at a lower interest rate.

2. Check if you meet the lender’s eligibility criteria before you apply for a loan because different lenders have different criteria. Checking your loan eligibility can help you avoid making too many credit enquiries.

3. Calculate your monthly EMIs before taking the loan. Doing this can help you plan your budget better and even compare offers across various lenders. You can use Zype’s EMI calculator to understand your monthly EMIs.

4. Make sure you have a repayment plan. It’s extremely important to make on-time payments to avoid late penalties and a decrease in your credit score. A repayment plan will ensure that you don’t miss any of your EMIs.


The Diwali Festival 2023 is one of the most awaited parts of the year, all across India. And a personal loan can help you make the most of it.

With Zype, you can apply for a personal loan up to ₹5 lakhs starting at 1.5% interest. Complete an easy application in less than 8 minutes, get approved for a loan in 60 seconds and receive the cash in your account within 24 hours.

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Frequently Asked Question

What should I consider when deciding to take a personal loan for Diwali shopping?

These are the most important factors you should consider before taking a personal loan for Diwali shopping:


  • Your credit score
  •  Loan amount
  •  Repayment Tenure
  •  Monthly EMIs
  •  Interest rate on the loan
  •  Pre-closure and prepayment charges
  • Any other ongoing loans
What is the significance of Diwali shopping, and why might I need a personal loan for it?

Diwali shopping is the most exciting part of the festival which signifies the celebration of new beginnings. A personal loan can help you get instant access to money so you can make the most of the festive sales and celebrations.

What are the potential risks of taking a personal loan for Diwali shopping?

The potential risk of taking a personal loan is when you’re unable to repay it. Non-repayment of loans can lead to consequences like penalties and late fees.

Can I apply for a personal loan online for Diwali shopping?

With Zype, you can apply for a personal loan online without any document uploads and paperwork. Complete your application in less than 8 minutes and get approved for a loan within 60 seconds!

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