How to Get Instant Loans From Your Zype Credit Line?

Use of Zype app

What is Zype Credit Line?

Zype credit line is a credit facility which can be used to get pre-approved personal loans instantly without any hassles. Once your credit line is activated, you can transfer money from it to your bank account in one tap. You can take multiple loans simultaneously and only pay interest on the amount borrowed.

How to Get a Loan From Your Zype Credit Line?

If you have an active credit line, use the steps below to transfer money from your credit line to your account. In case you want to know how to activate your Zype credit line, click here.

    1. Tap “Get Loan” on Zype home screen
    2. Select the amount you want to withdraw
    3. Select number of EMIs for repayment
    4. Review loan summary and EMI details.
    5. Tap on “Transfer Money” to initiate loan transfer

The money will be credited to your account in 2-24 hours

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Zype Credit Line Benefits

1) Get Multiple Loans

You can take multiple loans at the same time from your credit line. This way, you can withdraw money only when you need it and avoid unnecessary debt

2) Get Loans Instantly

Once your credit line is activated, you can transfer money to your account in a single click. No need to submit documents for the personal loan to get approved.

3) Zero Interest on Unused Credit

You will not be charged any interest on the unused credit line.

4) Withdraw As Low As ₹1000

Zype credit line gives you the flexibility to withdraw as low as ₹1000 from your credit line.

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