5 Ways to Arrange Money for Hefty Hospital Bills

Arrange Money for Hefty Hospital Bills

What is a Hospital Bill?

A hospital bill is nothing but the invoice raised by a hospital or medical centre for availing their services. This can include treatments, medicines, surgery, tests, consultations etc.   

Hospital bill payments can either be issued to the patient or the insurance provider depending on the type of services.

With rising healthcare costs, paying medical bills can become a big headache during a medical emergency. The uncertainty and stress can leave you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to proceed.

So, how to get money for medical bills?

Here are 5 ways to try that can help you reduce your financial burden:

1. Get Financial Help From Friends And Family

Your friends and family can provide you with much-needed financial support to help cover medical expenses in these situations. If you choose this option, you can focus on other things instead of worrying about paperwork, etc. Even if you take it as a personal loan, you could repay it without interest, so this option, if available, would be the best way to get money to pay your hospital bills.

2. Avail Medical Loan

Medical loan is a type of a personal loan where you can get the money you need to meet your medical expenditure. A Personal loan for medical bills usually requires minimal documentation when compared to other types of loans.

You can get instant personal loan of up to ₹5,00,000 for medical bills, from Zype in no time. Use our medical loan EMI calculator to figure out the most suitable EMI amount and tenure for you.

3. Try Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding is a way to raise money online from a large number of people. You can do this in India from platforms like Ketto, Milaap, and Impact Guru to pay your hospital bill.

You can create a fundraising campaign on these platforms, where you can share the story, pictures, and videos of the person in need of money.

The advantage of crowdfunding is that there is no loan amount that needs to be repaid.

On the flip side, as these platforms are known to charge some percentage of the funding as commission, and the funders would be having multiple cases like yours to choose from, there may not be a guarantee of raising the required money immediately in case of a medical emergency.

4. Take Help From NGOs

You can reach out to NGOs that are known to provide financial help during medical emergencies. Make sure you explain the urgency of the situation and provide all necessary details to increase your chances of getting financial aid for paying the hospital charges.

5. Apply for Government Health Schemes

There are many schemes run by national and state governments that provide financial assistance like low interest loans in medical situations. You would need to research and identify relevant schemes and check their eligibility criteria.

Keep all the documents handy, so that if your application is approved, you can fill out the forms accurately and submit all the required documents to increase your chances of approval.

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Hospital Bill

The rise in the cost of hospital bill payments can make medical emergencies even more distressing. However, you can hack your way out of it. All you need to know are these 5 simple ways in which you can reduce your Hospital Bill 

Now that you know where to get money from, here are 2 tips to reduce your hospital bill:

1. Ask For Itemised Hospital Bill

An itemised bill gives a complete breakdown of all the services charged by the hospital. It can help you identify any unnecessary or excessive charges that may have been added to your hospital bill.

2. Ask Your Doctor to Prescribe Generic Medicine

Usually, generic medicines are less expensive than their branded alternatives. This is because generic drug manufacturers do not have to spend money on research and development or marketing, which reduces their overall cost.

3. Review your Medical Bill Thoroughly

It’s extremely important to go through your medical bill thoroughly to identify any unnecessary expenses or errors. You can also confirm if you’re being charged for services you didn’t avail and get your medical bill changed.

4. Check the Medical Bill for Errors

Sometimes, discrepancies and errors in a medical bill can lead to higher hospital bill payments. That’s why when you’re going through your bill, make sure you check it for any kind of errors. This can help you get the error resolved without having to pay a very high price.

5. Talk to Your Insurer About Appealing a Claim

Go through your insurance policy to understand what charges and services it can cover for you. If the services you have availed can cover those charges then approach your insurer for appealing a claim. This can help you significantly reduce the total amount of paying medical bills.

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In conclusion

The burden of big hospital bills can significantly impact your financial well-being, but you should remain calm and explore as many options as you can to figure out a plan that can help you in paying medical bills without any strain.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do You Need To Arrange Money For Treatment?

It’s important to arrange money for medical bills so that there are no delays in the required medical treatment and quick recovery of the patient.

How Do You Get Money For A Medical Emergency?

Here are some ways in which you can get money for a medical emergency:
– Get Financial Help From Friends And Family
– Avail Medical Loan
– Try Crowdfunding
– Apply for Government Health Schemes
– Talk to Your Insurer About Appealing a Claim

Can I Get A Loan For Treatment?

Yes, availing personal loans for medical bills is a very efficient way of funding your medical bill payments. This way, you can get instant access to the money you need without having to rely on your friends and family

How Much Money Is Good For A Medical Emergency?

The amount of money required for a medical emergency depends on the total cost of the services taken by the hospital or medical centre. 

How Much Loan Can I Get For The Hospital?

With platforms like Zype, you can get an instant personal loan of up to Rs. 5 lakhs to fund any expenses related to your hospital bills.

Why Is Finance Important In Hospitals?

The right kind of financing is extremely important in hospitals so patients can get the best kind of medical treatment right in time.

What Is Hospital Financing?

Hospital financing is the various methods by which hospitals and medical centres fund their operational costs, investments, etc.

What Happens If You Don't Pay The Hospital Bill In India?

Just like any other debt, when you don’t pay your hospital bill you may face collection attempts from recovery agents.


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