Instant Personal Loan in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is an industrial hub with a rich cultural heritage. Rightfully known as Manchester of South India, the second largest city in Tamil Nadu boasts as a hub of textiles, information technology, industries, education and healthcare.

There could be many situations in life which will demand immediate need for money. For example – Your vehicle needs repair, you need to buy a new gadget or your friends make a weekend travel plan.

Taking a personal loan can be a great way to streamline your finances when you are facing a shortage of funds. You can avail personal loan up to ₹5,00,000 by downloading the Zype app and completing the loan application process. All you need to do is enter your basic information – name, mobile number, PAN and employment details. This will generate your loan limit in less than 60 seconds. You can then withdraw the amount you need by completing a quick KYC process. The money will be transferred to your account within 24 hours. You get the option to choose from 3, 6, 9 and 12 EMIs to repay your instant loan in Coimbatore.

Benefits of Taking a Personal Loan from Zype

1) Fast Disbursement: Get money credited to your account in less than 24 hours of the loan application.

2) Instant Approval: Loan approval takes less than 60 seconds. If you want to check the eligibility for a personal loan for low cibil score in Coimbatore, you can complete your application process in less than 5 minutes.

3) Multiple EMI Options: Users can choose the repayment options from 3, 6, 9 and 12 EMIs as per their financial situation.

4) Loan Without Collateral: Get unsecured loans in Coimbatore without pledging any asset.

5) Affordable Interest Rates: You can get a loan from Zype with an interest rate as low as 1.5% per month.

Documents Required to Get Unsecured Loans in Coimbatore from Zype

Banks and NBFCs need a certain set of documents from borrowers for many reasons like verifying the profile, assessing risk and preventing fraud. Loan companies ask for required documents like PAN, Aadhaar card, driving licence and bank statement.

You don’t need to upload documents to get loans from Zype. You would only require these to complete Zype’s loan application process-

Proof of photo identity

Identity Document Information

You would only need to enter your PAN and Aadhaar number.

Proof of Income

Selfie Verification

Users need to take an online selfie to complete the KYC process.

Mandatory documents

Bank Statement (Not Mandatory)

You only have to upload your bank statement of the last four months if you want to upgrade your credit limit.

Personal Loan Interest Rates in Coimbatore

Instant access to money has never been easier. Get no-questions-asked loans from Zype for anything you want. One of the best features of Zype instant loans is affordable interest rates. The interest rate on your loan would depend upon many factors like your repayment history and credit score. Refer to the table below to know the personal loan interest rate and other charges of Zype loans.

Minimalist Table
Loan Amount ₹1,000 to ₹5,00,000
Interest Rate Starting at as low as 1.5%(monthly)
Loan Processing Charges Processing fees from 2% to 6% on every loan
Interest on Overdue EMIs Penal interest & late fees will be charged to your total outstanding loan on daily basis
Loan Tenure 3-12 months

Eligibility Criteria to Get an Instant Loan in Coimbatore

Every bank and NBFC has different eligibility criteria to give you a loan. Make it a habit to check the same before applying for one. Zype has extremely simple eligibility criteria. You only need these to borrow up to ₹5 lakhs from Zype –


Only individuals who are 18 years of age or above can get a loan.

Citizen of India

The borrower must be a citizen of India.

Work experience
Mandatory documents

You need a valid PAN and Aadhaar card.

15000 Salary
Minimum Salary

You should be actively employed with a minimum monthly salary of ₹15,000. If you want a personal loan for 15000 salary in Coimbatore, apply right away on Zype.

How to Get a Personal Loan in Coimbatore from Zype

It only takes 5 minutes to get unsecured loans in Coimbatore from Zype. Here are the steps –

1) Install the Zype app and fill in your basic details.

2) Your loan offer will be generated within 60 seconds.

3) To complete the KYC process, enter your Aadhaar number, verify the same with OTP and take an online selfie.

4) Select the loan amount and repayment tenure. Check how much monthly EMI you would need to pay and other details.

5) The money will be transferred from the credit line to your bank account within a day.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Personal Loan in Coimbatore?

To get an instant loan in Coimbatore from Zype, check the eligibility criteria and download the Zype app. You can get loans up to ₹5 lakhs by completing a quick application process.

What is the Minimum Salary for a Personal Loan in Coimbatore?

Different lenders have different criteria for minimum salary. You can get a personal loan for 15000 salary in Coimbatore from the Zype app. Download the app now and complete the application process in less than 5 minutes.

How to Get a Personal Loan Immediately in Coimbatore?

You can get fast personal loans in Coimbatore by using a loan app that gives instant approval and fast disbursal. Download the Zype app now and get loan approval in under 60 seconds.

Can I Prepay or Foreclose a Personal loan in Coimbatore?

Most lenders give the option to prepay and close the loan before the tenure. They might levy foreclosure charges on the same. There are no prepayment charges on Zype if you want to pay off your loan amount in advance.

What Credit Score Must I Have in Coimbatore in Order to Qualify for a Personal Loan?

Every lender has their own eligibility criteria for minimum credit score. You can check this information from the lender before applying for a loan. A credit score above 700 is considered good by most lenders.

Are there Any Government-Sponsored Personal Loan Schemes in Coimbatore?

Central and state governments launch many loan schemes for the betterment of individuals and society. You can enquire about them from government websites, local branch offices and banks.