What is Video KYC & How You Can Avail it for Personal Loan?

What is Video KYC & How You Can Avail it for Personal Loan?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the process of verifying customer identity has evolved significantly, leading to the emergence of video KYC (Know Your Customer). This innovative method streamlines the traditional KYC process, making it more accessible and efficient. Video KYC for personal loan applications is a prime example of how this technology can be extremely beneficial in real time. It allows customers to complete their KYC verification process remotely and securely through an online video KYC system. 

This particular method not only simplifies the application process but also accelerates the loan approval timeline. This leads to better customer convenience and operational efficiency, making the process of obtaining a personal loan smoother and more user-friendly.

Why Do You Need KYC?

When you’re seeking financial services like applying for a personal loan or opening a new account, financial institutions ask you to complete video KYC. This doesn’t only help them verify your identity but also help you calculate the risk associated with providing you a loan, helping you get the best terms of borrowing. 

Why is KYC Important?

KYC is a critical component in the financial sector, ensuring customer identity verification and preventing fraudulent activities. With the advent of video KYC loan application process has become more streamlined and efficient.

Cost Effective

Implementing the video KYC verification process significantly reduces the operational costs for financial institutions. Traditional KYC methods involve physical documentation and in-person verification, which are resource-intensive. Online video KYC, on the other hand, minimises these expenses, making it a cost-effective solution.

Saves Time and Effort

Complete video KYC processes save considerable time and effort for both customers and financial institutions. Customers can complete their KYC from the comfort of their homes, while lenders can process applications faster, leading to quicker loan disbursement.


The convenience offered by video KYC for personal loan applications cannot be overstated. Customers no longer need to visit a bank or wait in long queues. They can complete the necessary verification steps online, making the process user-friendly and accessible.

Faster Verification

The video KYC verification process is not only convenient but also much faster than traditional methods. It accelerates the verification process, enabling quicker decision-making and loan approval times.

Reduction in Errors

What is video KYC’s most significant advantage is perhaps its ability to reduce errors. Automated checks and digital recording of the verification process minimise the chances of manual errors, ensuring a more accurate and reliable KYC process.

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Video KYC Process to Avail it for Personal Loan: How Does it Work?

Step-by-Step Video KYC Process for Availing Personal Loan

The video KYC verification process for personal loans is a streamlined and efficient method that has transformed the traditional KYC process. However, different financial institutions have different sets of KYC processes. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the standard procedure:

  • Step 1 – The process begins with completing your Aadhaar-based KYC. You need to enter your Aadhaar number on the link provided by the lender and verify it using the OTP received on your mobile device.
  • Step 2 – After the Aadhaar verification, you will receive an email and an SMS from the lender containing a joining link for the video KYC.
  • Step 3 – By clicking the link, you will be directed to the banking authority responsible for verifying your KYC.
  • Step 4 – During the video call, you will interact with an officer. You’ll need to answer their questions and provide the necessary documents for verification.
  • Step 5 The authorised person will then take a live photograph of you to complete the video KYC for personal loan application or any other loan application.

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Requirements For Video KYC Verification Process

To successfully complete the video KYC verification process for a personal loan, certain requirements must be met. These are essential to ensure a smooth and efficient online video KYC experience:

  • Compatible Device with Camera: A smartphone, laptop, or desktop with a webcam is necessary. This is crucial for the video KYC as it involves a live video interaction.
  • Stable Internet Connection: High-speed internet is required to avoid any disruptions during the video KYC process. This ensures a seamless and uninterrupted online video KYC experience.
  • Well-Lit and Plain Background: The area where the video call takes place should have a plain background and be well-lit. This helps in clear visibility during the video KYC verification process.
  • Required Documents: All relevant KYC documents should be at hand. This may include government-issued ID proofs, address proof, and other necessary documents for complete video KYC.
  • Avoidance of Proxy or VPN: The use of proxies, VPNs, or static IPs is not allowed during the video KYC process and could lead to the rejection of the KYC application.

Challenges and Limitations of Video KYC

Understanding the potential challenges and limitations of an online Video KYC can help you stay prepared so you can complete your KYC process without any hassles. 

Internet and Connectivity Issues

To be able to complete the online video KYC process smoothly, you need to be in an area with stable internet connection. Internet or connectivity issues can be a barrier when trying to complete your video KYC.  

Lack of Education around Video KYC

 Some people might not feel comfortable with doing a video KYC due to privacy reasons. It’s important to give the customer a clear understanding about the reason behind the same.

Technical Challenges 

Whether it’s due to an error in the Video KYC system or a lack of capability of handling large volumes of KYC requests, you might stumble upon some technical errors. 

Precautions While Undertaking Video KYC Process

When engaging in the video KYC verification process for a personal loan, it’s crucial to adhere to certain precautions to ensure security and compliance. 

  • Always ensure that the link for the video KYC comes from a legitimate and verified source. Fraudulent links can lead to security breaches. Financial institutions will never use third-party apps like WhatsApp or Skype for video KYC.
  • During the video KYC process, be cautious about sharing personal information. Your Aadhaar number should not be displayed during the video call, as it is authenticated at the beginning of the video KYC verification process.
  • Before starting the online video KYC, ask for the identification of the KYC officer, such as an employee ID, to ensure authenticity.
  • Use a secure and private internet connection. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks during the complete video KYC process to prevent data theft or interception.
  • Be aware that banks and lenders will never ask for your passwords or PINs during the video KYC session. Any request for such information should be considered a red flag.

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What Are the Benefits of Online Video KYC Verification Process?

The online video KYC process offers numerous benefits, making it a preferred choice for both customers and financial institutions.

1. Faster KYC Completion

The video KYC verification process significantly accelerates the KYC completion time. The efficiency of video KYC in speeding up customer verification and loan processing, making credit more accessible to individuals.

2. Completely Paperless

Online video KYC contributes to a paperless and eco-friendly process. This approach aligns with sustainable banking practices, reducing the carbon footprint and administrative burdens associated with physical documentation.

3. Remote Customer Onboarding

The convenience of video KYC is highlighted by its ability to facilitate remote customer onboarding. This way, any individual can get instant access to credit anytime, anywhere. 

4. Superior Customer Experience

The video KYC verification process not only simplifies the customer’s journey but also ensures a more secure and reliable verification.

Emerging Trends and Future Prospects of Video KYC 

While there might be some challenges associated with the Video KYC process, digitalization has found its way to overcome them and make this process even more seamless for users.  

Advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

The entry of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is transforming the fintech landscape each day. Features like real-time monitoring of documents has made online KYC process quicker and easier. 

Integration with Biometric Technologies 

Integration of the KYC process with biometric technologies includes fingerprint, facial and even voice recognition. This doesn’t only speed up your KYC process but also makes the procedure more secure. 

Synergy with Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain Technology can significantly reduce time taken to carry out authenticity checks required for completing KYC. 


The video KYC verification process marks a significant advancement in the financial sector. It’s not just about embracing digital transformation; it’s about enhancing security, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. 

The online video KYC method, with its rapid onboarding, paperless transactions, and remote accessibility, is a game-changer. It addresses critical challenges of our time, from reducing fraud to promoting financial inclusion. As we move forward, the integration of complete video KYC in financial services will continue to reshape and redefine how we manage identity verification, setting new benchmarks for convenience and security in the digital age.

Frequently Asked Question

Is Aadhaar compulsory for video-KYC?

No, Aadhaar is not mandatory for video KYC. Other officially recognised documents can be used, but Aadhaar streamlines the video KYC verification process. However, you may have to verify the mobile number linked to your Aadhaar number. 

Can the video KYC be done using FaceTime or Whatsapp?

No, video KYC cannot be conducted via FaceTime or WhatsApp. Financial institutions use secure, dedicated platforms for online video KYC.

What happens if internet connectivity problems interrupt video KYC?

If internet issues occur, the video KYC session may need to be restarted. Consistent connectivity is crucial for a complete video KYC process.

What is the difference between KYC and video KYC?

Traditional KYC involves physical verification, while video KYC is done remotely via video call, making it a more convenient online video KYC method.

How to apply for a loan from KYC?

After completing KYC, apply for a loan through the lender’s platform. Video KYC simplifies and speeds up this process.

How long does video KYC approval take?

Video KYC approval typically takes a few minutes to a few hours, streamlining the video KYC verification process for faster service.

How do I know if my KYC is approved?

You’ll receive a notification from the financial institution once your video KYC is approved, confirming the successful completion of the video KYC verification process.

Do we need an original PAN card for video KYC?

Yes, an original PAN card is often required for identity verification during the video KYC process.

What will they ask in the video KYC?

During video KYC, questions about personal details, document verification, and liveness checks are asked to ensure a complete video KYC process.

Is Kyc Mandatory For Personal Loans?

Yes, you need to complete an online KYC process to get access to your personal loan. This is required to confirm your identity and carry out the necessary authenticity checks. 

Will My Personal Information Be Stored Securely After Completing Video Kyc?

As long as you are taking financial services from an authentic bank or NBFC, the personal information stored is going to be completely safe and secured. 

Is There A Fee Associated With Video Kyc For Personal Loans?

No, there are no additional charges associated with doing a video KYC for personal loans. 

Can I Complete Video Kyc If I'm Not A Resident Of The Country Where The Lender Is Located?

If the financial institution offers services to non-residents, you can complete the Video KYC from anywhere as the process is online. 

Is Video Kyc Available For All Types Of Personal Loans?

The availability of Video KYC depends on the lender and their application process for personal loan. 

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