How To Get Your Credit Score With Aadhar Card?

How To Get Your Credit Score with Aadhar Card?

When considering major expenses like buying a home or car, financing education, or managing emergencies, loans often become an immediate financial solution. Lenders assess your loan eligibility primarily through your CIBIL score, a three-digit number ranging from 300 to 900, reflecting your credit history and repayment habits. A higher score not only smoothens the approval process but also potentially offers more favorable interest rates.

Before applying, it’s advisable to review your credit score. To check CIBIL score by Aadhar card you also need your PAN card.Keep reading this blog to understand how to check your credit score with Aadhaar card and PAN.

How to Check Cibil Score by Aadhaar Card?

While the Aadhar card is a valid identity and address proof, you need to primarily rely on your PAN details as well to check CIBIL score. Here’s how you can check your CIBIL score using your PAN card:

Visit CIBIL’s Official Site: Start by heading to CIBIL’s official website.

Score Access: Click on ‘Get your CIBIL Score’.

Account Creation: Sign up by entering your name, email, and setting a password.(However, if you’re already a member, you can simply login to your account)

PAN Details: Fill in your PAN number, a crucial step as it links to your financial history.

Personal Information: Enter your date of birth, phone number, PIN code and other information.

Terms Acceptance: Click on ‘Accept and Continue’ to proceed.

CIBIL Account Setup: Follow the prompts to create your account in CIBIL.

OTP Verification: You’ll receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP to move forward.

Identity Verification: Complete the identity verification process.

Score Check: Once logged in, navigate to the dashboard and click ‘Member Login’. Here, you can log in using your password and access your CIBIL score.

Other Ways to Get Your Credit Score Online for Free!

While an Aadhar number alone isn’t enough to check your CIBIL score, there are alternative online methods that offer this service for free. One effective way is to use your PAN number instead of doing Aadhar card CIBIL score check.

Simply go to the official CIBIL website, where you can easily carry out a CIBIL score check with Aadhaar card and PAN. Additionally, various Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) websites provide a facility to check your CIBIL score with a PAN card. There are also many third-party websites and applications available that facilitate the checking of your CIBIL score online, making the process convenient and accessible.

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What Is the Importance of Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is an indicator of your creditworthiness, repayment habits and overall financial health. This 3-digit number can have these far-reaching implications:

Loan Approval: Your credit score is an important factor that decides whether or not a lender will approve you for personal loans or credit cards.

Interest Rates: This number influences the interest rates offered to you on your loans; a higher score can mean lower rates.

Credit Limits: Can affect the credit limit set by lenders on your credit cards or loans.

Better Loan Experience: Higher credit limits and low interest rates are not the only advantages of a good credit score. You also get a smoother loan experience with faster approvals and disbursals, helping you get instant access to the money you need.

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Your credit score is an important element of your overall financial picture. It serves as a numeric reflection of your creditworthiness. It’s imperative to understand that a robust credit score can unlock doors to optimal interest rates, significant loan amounts, and favorable credit opportunities. Regularly monitoring your credit score through CIBIL score check with Aadhaar card and PAN or any other reliable method can lead to better financial health and preparedness for future credit or loan requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

Where Can I Do CIBIL Score Check by Aadhaar Card?

You can check your CIBIL score using your Aadhaar card and PAN card through the official CIBIL website. Ensure that the service you choose is authorized to provide a CIBIL score to maintain security and accuracy.

Is It Safe To Check Credit Scores On Third-Party Websites?

It is safe to check credit scores on third-party websites if they are credible and use stringent security measures. Always look for secure protocols and privacy policies before submitting personal information.

How Long Is CIBIL Score Valid?

A CIBIL score is continuously updated based on new financial data, making it a real-time reflection of your creditworthiness. Regular checks are recommended as the score can change based on recent credit activity.

How To Find My Credit Score?

You can find your credit score by using authorized online services like the official CIBIL website, or through your banking institution, which may offer credit score checks as part of their services. If you’re an active user of Zype, you can access your credit score in the app itself.

Can I Do Aadhaar Card Cibil Check Myself?

Yes, you can personally check your CIBIL score by using online tools offered by credit bureaus or financial services providers. But you will also require your PAN card. Personal checks like these do not affect your credit score.

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